Our Collaborations

(A) We are glad to have started collaboration with Prof Gilles Muller of Department of Chemistry, San José State University, California, USA. He has helped us to study the Circularly Polarized Luminescence (CPL) property of our chiral helicene like oxazines. This will involve designing, characterizing, and providing important specific information concerning the thermodynamic, structural, dynamic, spectroscopic, and chiroptical properties of luminescent lanthanide complexes with chiral ligands as potential probes of more complex molecules, e.g. biomolecules, for instance by preferential interaction with one enantiomer.

The initial data is encouraging and details can be found from our just accepted paper in Tetrahedron Letters. We are hopeful to make further modifications in our helical systems to obtain enhanced CPL activity and to take this collaboration to the next meaningful level.

CPL spectra of the (P)-1 (black) and (M)-1 (red), in 1 mM acetonitrile solution at 295 K.

A brief summary of Prof Muller’s research interests may be found at: